Sam Rockford

. . . . is the author of thriller short stories and a completed thriller novel.

He is also an active member of International Thriller Writers, Mystery Writers of America, and New Thriller Writers.


About the author

 I grew up in the intelligence community with a father in Army Counter Intelligence Corps, and moved with him to many U.S. States and foreign countries. Dinner conversations included off-the-record accounts of actual CIC operations.

In later years I went to work for a government contractor and had a Secret clearance. I avidly researched terrorist activities and visited sites of terrorist attacks. As a devoted reader of history books and a constant traveler to intriguing places around the world, I came to realize that most people—even in Arab countries—did not want to be caught up in terrorist violence. Yet the small but dedicated cadres of terrorists have had an oversized impact on our lives.

At their heart, thrillers are about people caught up in compelling conflicts having high stakes, fascinating villains and adrenaline-pumping tension that culminate in unexpected conclusions. Mysteries involve people spurred on by crimes to take on the role of detectives who ingeniously interpret clues to track and confront a cunning adversary. And there are many mixtures of these two worlds. They are the things that make up the immersive experience of our stories.

I believe novels provide a unique way to deal with the fears stirred by terrorism and crime. They allow us to shift it into a more positive mode where people actually do good things to combat these scourges in our lives.

In the 1960s, science fiction writers accurately predicted cell phones, communications satellites, robots, flat screen TVs and other advances that only became a reality many decades later. In the same way, I believe thriller and mystery writers can predict ways to deal with terrorists and perpetrators of crimes—which other people can then bring into reality.

Most of all, I believe in the art of the possible. It is the first step to creating reality, and influencing the shape of a better world.