Sam Rockford

Sam is the author of the recently published book Election Hacking in 2020. His work as an international security consultant spanned the Middle East, Europe and the USA. He has also been active in many campaigns for environmental causes.

About the Author

Sam Rockford’s passion for writing about people and events in the hacking world grew naturally from his many years working with computer security systems around the globe.

In his younger days Sam Rockford grew up in the intelligence community with a father in Army Counter Intelligence Corps. That meant living in many U.S. States and foreign lands. Dinner conversations included off-the-record accounts of actual CIC operations.

In later years Sam went to work for a government contractor requiring a Secret clearance. He avidly researched hacking activities and visited sites of terrorist attacks. As a devoted reader of history books and a constant traveler to unique places around the world, he came to realize that most people—even in Arab countries—did not want to be caught up in terrorist violence. Yet the small but dedicated cadres of terrorists have had an over-sized impact on their lives, and on our lives as well.

In those travels, Sam saw some of the world’s environmental treasures dwindle before his eyes. As a youngster he had marveled during walks in Germany’s Black Forest, with its canopy of tree crowns cutting off the sunlight and giving the forest its name. Then years later, the effects of acid rain had torn the fabric of that wooded land and laid parts of it bare. A tragedy, like others around the world.

But there are also rays of hope. Because he remembers how science fiction writers in the 1960s accurately predicted cell phones, communications satellites, robots, flat screen TVs and other advances that only became a reality many decades later. In the same way, Sam believes insightful nonfiction and imaginative novels can open up images of a better world where we overcome many of the problems that face us today.

With a bit of effort, maybe those images can be converted into reality by many people doing what they do best, in whatever way they can. Fewer tragedies, in a better world.